How much will it cost to replace my headliner?
Cost varies from vehicle to vehicle. But we offer free estimates for any auto or RV.

Does your work have a warranty?
Yes! We warranty our work for 1 year. We also offer a written warranty at time of repair.

What color fabrics do you have?
We have, or can get, all colors. We even offer new fabrics that are lighter weight than most original headliners. This can prevent further sagging in the future.

How long will it take?
On average a car or SUV takes half a day. We can get a large RV done in a week.
Tony's Auto and RV Headliners has been a family owned and operated business since 1989. Tony started as a small mobile headliner repair service in Stuart, Virgina. 
22 years later, he now does automobile headliners for parts of southern Virgina and almost all of North Carolina. For RV headliners he travels up and down the east coast. He continues to offer the care and quality you've come to expect from a small family company.